Santa Catalina Monastery

Por: Wong Zitao

Wong Zitao de Malasia, estuvo de visita por nuestra ciudad y nos deja una buena serie de fotografías sobre el Monasterio de Santa Catalina.

Santa Catalina Monastery, Arequipa, Peru

"This place is amazin
g. spent half a day just wondering around this monastery, which is now partially opened (eventhough is partially, is still a huge area...) to tourist. If you could see the floor plan of this place, you´ll love it. the builders from different eras contribute their style and technology at different parts of the place. Each cell, kitchen, hallway and chapel is so nicely designed. the lights coming in from the stone roof, always manage to create a very nice atmosphere in each quarters. During the afternoon, some parts of the tourist area you can hear the nuns from the other side of the wall reading and having mass. even in this busy and noisy area of arequipa, you really find peace and quiet in this place. no wonder so many people want to come here and dedicate their living time for God. they have a maximum of 30 nuns in this place at any time. if one wants to enter this monastery, she´ll have to wait for one of them to pass on before they will accept her in."

"Santa Catalina Monastery - Black"

"Santa Catalina Monastery - Blue"

"Santa Catalina Monastery - Gold"

"Santa Catalina Monastery - Red"

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